Solution That Go Beyond Satisfaction

We continue to exceed expectations in every aspect of life


With text messages, we are able to reach every demographic. Giving them vital resources, appointment notifications as well as real-time local news that could prevent losses and discomfort to the general public.


SMS appointment confirmations and alerts are very helpful in informing the patients if their appointment was set or changed, adding comfort to every transaction. We are also able to maintain continual relationship with patients, that makes it twice as fast for them to heal by giving them moral support and information needed for their fast recovery.


We are able to send a status update to applicants and give them other pieces of information such as admission deadline and requirements, billing and emergency notifications. We are also able to receive feedbacks that we can immediately answer to address issues and improve our services.


Hourly update received by the customers regarding regarding repairs and dispatches relieves customers of anxiety. Photos sent to phone support makes it easier for us to provide solutions using the knowledge base and to determine that the problem is completely resolved, bringing down escalations and repeat dispatches.


Never before have we experienced such reduction in customer complaints. Automated text messages that are send when a customer withdraws money gives them early detection of fraud, preventing further damages. Customers are able to pay and revew their subscriptions on time by having a record of their due dates in a form of SMS messages saved on their phones. This has led to a 40% overall business growth by decreasing the cost and increasing the revenue.


Sending text messages on events, promos and discounts have tripled our revenue. We have more satisfied and loyal customers than ever, thanking us for letting them know that we care and would want to give them the best value for their money.


Mass texting enabled us to contact the largest groups of people simultaneously. Informing them of important issues and engage them in a converstaion. This has led to a great increase in donations/contributions and support making it easier to help people and create changes in their lives.