Video Programs

Create in-app voice and video with cloud infrastructure and powerful SDKs. Build everything you need with WebRTC.

Video SDKs for IOS, Android, & Javascript

Peer-to-Peer Room Overview

Use FONE API's Video SDKs for Android, iOS, and JavaScript to connect Participants to a Peer-to-Peer Room, where they can share & exchange audio and video tracks. Manage the end-user experience in your client-side code through the SDKs. FONE API's helper libraries  help your back-end server in creating Access Tokens to manage authentication and engage with FONE API's REST API to organize and track the Room.

Flexible APIs for Rich Video Apps

Create the user experience you want.  Fone API's enable extensive application integration.

One-on-one or multi-party

FONE API's Peer-to-Peer Rooms API supports voice and video calls for one-on-one or multi-party conversations for up to 10 participants in a mesh topology.

Client-side UI control

Our SDKs give you total control over the video layout & real-time notifications for Room application events, so you can build the user experience you want.

Screen sharing

Add screen sharing to any JavaScript app the easy way with our Chrome extensions and Electron support. Share video in any view in your mobile app with our screen capture APIs for IOS and Android.

REST orchestration

Integrate video call into your business workflows with our flexible REST API that gives you control when a room is created.

Room-based access control

A direct authentication model using FONE API Access Tokens gives you fine-grained control over which Video Rooms a user can access.

Video Room webhooks

As Video Room events occur, Webhook status callbacks help alert your server so you can engage in video calls within your workflow business.

Build with WebRTC, The Fastest Way

Scale real-time communication, Build WebRTC which you can deploy, integrate, and manage

Agile release cadence

Maintain compatibility across platforms and versions with our SDKs that keep pace with frequent media engine and WebRTC browser updates

Continual WebRTC testing

Continuously check every WebRTC update across GA and Beta releases with our automated test systems that will ensure 0% impact to users when making changes.

Simple development

FONE API easily integrates Video SDKs to your development chain  with its wide distribution via CocoaPods, Bower, NPM, jCenter, and more.

Keep Communications Secure

Protect your users' conversations with end-to-end encrypted voice and video.

End-to-end encryption

Direct DTLS-SRTP connections are established on all peer-to-peer connections so that you will have real time communication even without going through our cloud.

Secure TURN relay

Protect your media with our secure TURN servers where your media is relayed whenever a direct peer-to-peer connection cannot be established.

Your personal TURN servers

Our APIs can replace your FONE API's server URLs to serve as your own TURN server.

Without contracts or direct costs, pay only for what you use.

Participants Connections

$ 0.01

/ participant per hour

Turn bandwidth

Bandwidth-based pricing charged only when used

Question about volume pricing? Contact sales

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