Receive Instant Lead Alerts

Lead generation is a crucial aspect of marketing because it will help your business draw in more customers. With more than two-thirds of Americans owning a smartphone, text messaging has grown to be, perhaps, the most popular way to communicate. Text messaging is an ideal method to generate leads. It has a global reach, reaching customers both online and offline. This two-way dialog can also promote trust between you and your potential customers.

Increase Conversion Rate

If you improve response time by instantly notifying sales professionals of new leads, your conversion rates will increase. If you constantly follow up business talks by phone, you will convert more sales since 80% of sales will need five follow-up phone calls a few days after the initial meeting.

Decrease Response Time

Set up SMS alerts to notify you when leads have been sitting unattended for a certain amount of time. This can also be done using CRM solutions that automatically forward hot leads to an available agent.

Easy to Deploy

FONE API uses standard HTTP and functions with any language and can be set up in hours with an existing database, online server stack, and other existing marketing campaigns.