Mask Numbers to Protect Private Data on Calls & Texts

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A great deal of online transactions require customers to provide a phone number. But how will they know their number will be kept confidential? And as a business, how can you convince customers to give you their information? Phone number masking is one method of safeguarding customer information and privacy. Instead of two parties communicating directly, an intermediate phone number or a bridge is used to keep personal numbers private.

FONE API number masking works two-folds

It safeguards the identities of the buyer and seller by letting them call and text devices without having to give out their personal numbers.

It prevents private communication and off-platform activities to ensure that all business transactions are done inside the platform to deter fraudulent sales and identify theft.

Why Add Masked Numbers Using FONE API

Whether you're a small business or a large enterprise looking to safeguard your customer's privacy, FONEAPI Communication Solutions scales with you.

Reduce the amount of phone numbers you have to purchase. By using FONEAPI, you can mask one phone number and use it to bridge concurrent transactions.

Manage the way your users interact. For instance, it's possible to disable calls outside of office hours or block any calls once the transaction is done using our API.

Find more ways to communicate. Call and text, and enjoy your privacy while FONE API protects your phone number from unwanted calls.

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