Create Appointment Reminders

When customers cancel or do not show up for an appointment, it’s not only a waste time of your time but it also affects your bottom-line. By sending automated text reminders, FONE API Communications Solutions will help you cut down no-shows by as much as 44%.

  • Manage Appointments Better

    FONE API automatically sends SMS reminders to make sure your customers show up on time. Your crew receives notification whether the customers confirm, cancel, or reschedule the appointments -- everyone is on track.

  • Personalized Messages

    Send a personalized text message or a follow-up reminder to every customer. You can also use customized templates for different types of appointments.

  • Schedule Reminders

    Schedule how soon to remind customers of their appointments and choose whether to notify customers through text or voice prompt.

Features of FONE API
Appointment Reminder Service

Integrates with third party tools including CRM, ERP, and server applications for managing alerts.

Gives you an option to send appointment reminders through text or voice prompts.

Uses APIs that enable businesses to send reminders through a web interface, smartphones, or messaging apps.

Allows you to send multiple notifications messages simultaneously and configure automatic sending at specific intervals from an easy to use web interface.

Does Your Business Rely On Scheduled Appointments?
Reduce customer no-shows by sending automated text reminders.
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