Intelligent Call Monitoring and Tracking With FONE API

Perhaps you already have a significant understanding of who your potential and existing customers are. However, call tracking presents you with even more valuable insights and data about your customer base, enabling you to understand your audience in the best possible way.

Call tracking lets you know exactly where your leads are coming from and where interactions with customers take place. It allows you to evaluate your approach better and pinpoint areas that require focus to boost conversion rates.

7 Reasons Why You Should Add Call Monitoring and Tracking With FONE API Communication Solutions

Know more about your leads

Instead of only collecting phone numbers, gather names and accurate information such as address and demographics, even before taking the call using our lookup API and add-ons from our partner service providers.

Increase conversion rate with text alerts

Don't pass up a great opportunity for converting an interested customer by setting up automatic notifications to be sent for every form submission, missed calls, or inquiry.

Tracking Calls and Texts

If you include a Click-to-Call CTA, it could increase the conversion rate of your products or services. Studies show that phone calls have 30-50% conversion rates. In fact, just displaying a phone number in noticeable areas of your website has a great impact on the overall conversion.

Personalized Call Routing

Route calls and messages to the right department using an Interactive Voice Response. Using an IVR also allows the system to gather more information or pull up existing records before connecting the call to a representative.

Create custom reports

Create smarter business processes by importing the data collected from call monitoring into your analytics tool. Evaluate and make adjustments to improve business efficiency.

Block spams and unwanted calls

We use already-tried and tested telephone numbers to prevent robocalls, spams, and track pumping calls.

Add call details to CRM

You can add and attach call recordings, leads, SMS, MMS, and much more to CRM or homegrown database.

Use The Same Dynamic Platform For Voice, Video, Authentication, and More.
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