Keep up with the trends and take advantage of the spotlight by implementing a reliable social media marketing strategy.
Establish your Reputation Instantly and Conveniently

Learn to Connect with Your Audience Better Via FONE API

Are you aware of the fact that social media marketing has a 100% higher rate on successful lead closing than outbound marketing? And that most B2B marketers (84%) use social media as a tool to help grow their brands & boost their sales?

If you have second thoughts on implementing a reliable social network strategy, then you’re probably missing out on the fun! Here’s why:

  • Respond to problems instantly

  • Strong social media presence builds brand loyalty

  • When done right, social media can lead to genuine relationships

  • Users respond to your messages

  • Social media ads enable targeting & retargeting

  • It helps you get noticed at events & may generate earned media coverage

  • The greatest thing about it is - it’s FREE!

  • The ROI on social media ads cannot be beat


Social Network Features

Social Media Management

Don't worry about a thing - we’ll do all the work for you! We’ll help you setup your Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter pages.

Social Media Marketing

FONE API helps give your business a personality and a microphone in order to be seen and heard easily by those looking for your services or products.

Social Media Strategy

Through every interaction with your current & potential customers, we’ll always put your products upfront, constantly finding you more followers and fans.

Get Your Edge Through Our Services

Web Design

We’ll help you with the layout, boosting of user experience, and back-end search engine optimization.

Digital Press Relations

We do press releases, make infographics, handle media coverage, etc.


We help create logos, new color schemes, develop innovative positioning strategies, etc. - whatever your needs are for an upgraded feel of your brand.

Social Media Management

No time to create or handle your social accounts? We’ll do it for you! - for Twitter, Facebook, Quora, etc.

Analytics Management

Because we value your objectives, we’ll help you see & determine your status for reaching your goals, various conversions, traffic, referring sites, etc.

Exclusive Services

Get started with us today to avail our exclusive services which we can readily personalize for you according to your business’ needs.


Learn about your customers & connect with your audience

Get to know your audience easier with analytics such as Facebook Insights so you can understand the main demographics & patterns of your customer behaviors.

Reach a new audience locally or internationally

Effectively use Twitter & other social networks to connect with current customers or discover a new audience.

Enhance customer service

Gain instant access to feedback from your customers - an invaluable insight to help produce a new product or help in customer retention.

Gain market share

Engage with over half a million followers & use social networks to become the most followed organization on Twitter. With a strong social media presence, you’ll begin to boost your market shares.

Create meaningful relationships that generate leads

The more you invest in social media relationships as part of your business, the more valuable those relationships become. As a result, a lead can successfully convert with proper nurturing.