Features for Authentication API

Take a pick from our range of verification choices that stabilize security for your company and ease of use for your users.

Less worry and more protection.

You can send a push notification directly to your user’s device for a seamless authentication that will notify them that an attempt to authenticate is in progress. Users can opt to see authentication details then approve or deny access in one touch. Conversations between the user’s smartphone and Ver are encrypted end-to-end & signed cryptographically for our most basic yet strongest verification service.

  • Push notification verification
  • Innovative Passwordless login that takes you further than Authentication API
  • High value-tasks such as money transfers can be authorized

The leading Authentication API.

The Authentication API app that most developers & consumers trust and popularly recognize. SoftToken helps prevent risks of someone blocking the Ver code sent via SMS or call by creating a Time based One Time Password (TOTP). Accessible on mobile, gadgets, or desktop platforms - functions even if the phone is offline to enable users to connect to your business using WiFi on a plane.

  • Verification even if offline
  • Supports multiple devices
  • Backup and sync on cloud

Internationally accessible Authentication API.

Ideal for users who haven’t yet gotten your mobile app as they can simply enter a One-Time Passcode (OTP) from their device via SMS or via phone call. Built on one of the top communications platforms, you can rely on us to deliver to more than 100 countries.

  • Available on Voice and SMS
  • Smart International routing
  • Supports Multiple languages

Why Ver Authentication API?

Trusted & supported by security experts

Don't worry if your developers aren't security software development experts! Authentication API is handled by an expert security operations team, as well as a fraud-trained help desk. Our service is SOC2 compliant so you can guarantee the security.

One service for various scenarios

Different individuals have various security needs. Authentication API offers several ways to verify, from the latest in passwordless authentication to the most basic, through SMS.

Minimize your support load

Users can manage their own verification data via emails or through phone with our free Ver App. No need to boost your help-desk resources or train specialists on security thus minimizing cost of installing enhanced security on your apps.

Supports multiple devices

Authentication API supports multiple devices for your added convenience so users can access your app and their security tokens from any device. Whenever a new device is linked to an account, all user tokens are immediately synced to reduce locked out users caused by the lost device.

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Establish more with Authentication API
The Authentication API service is most trusted by majority of developers to protect their users & apps. See what they’ve made.
Alternate Password login
Use alternative passwords with single-use codes sent over SMS, voice or push. Phone number identities let you connect your users with their contacts.
Block volume registration
Authenticate unique phone numbers to prevent bots, spammers, and card testers more efectively than captchas or email verification.
2-way authentication
Allow an additional second factor to authenticate users without hardware costs or complex integration. Ensure global exposure and wide audience reach from day one.
Secure password reset
Reset passwords in a secure manner by confirming users’ ownership of their phone number. Fastest solutions with less help desk or help center costs.
Improved authentication
Apply out-of-band authentication on high-value transactions or when risk score crosses a threshold and eliminate manual reviews.
Multi-tier verification
Balance user acquisition with compliance by phone verifying lower tier customers instead of onerous id verification for all users.
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