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Fone API SMS is trusted by developers to create exceptional customer experiences. Check out what they’ve established.

Arrival Notifications

Customers are always updated by Uber via car arrival estimates.

Alerts for Leads

Real estate agents learn about new web leads that come in through Trulia’s instant alerts.

Repair Status

Over 600,000 vending machines get easily fixed by technicians that are dispatched by Coca-Cola.

Confirm Orders

Dell updates clients on online order status and any changes in vital account information.

Two-Factor Verification

Over a million businesses are secured by Intuit using 2-factor authentication.

Scheduling of Shift

Flight crew schedule changes are conveniently arranged by Alaska Airlines through instant confirmation updates on affected employees via SMS.

Reminders on Appointments

No-shows are conveniently minimized by Arkansas Children’s Hospital via appointment reminders.

Billing Notifications

Drivers get alerts from Paybyphone when a parking meter is about to expire in order to remotely add time.

Sales and Support via SMS

In-store sales for Nordstrom skyrockets by enabling customers to buy goods via messaging through a personal shopper.

Private SMS Communication

Facilitate communication while protecting privacy

Privacy protection

Establish a secure environment for conversations between your users.

Avoid revenue leakage

Ensure that conversations and transactions between parties stay on your platform.

Obtain new insights

Track, record, and analyze calls to gain new insights on your business.

Other Essential Voice Use Cases

Reduce regulation hassles

We manage all regulatory requirements worldwide so you don’t have to spend time programmatically enforcing them for each country.

Enjoy flexible capabilities

We have ultra-high throughput, allowing you to send up to 2.5 million messages per day - that's 30 messages per second - with virtually no upper limit.

Regulate costs

Control your spending on expensive destinations through our real-time cost reconciliation to ensure you'll never run out of credits.

Traffic analysis

Get real-time analytics through our dashboard and check volume, cost, and destinations - all broken down by carrier network, quality of delivery, and success ratios.

Get delivery status

We provide detailed status data about messages being delivered so you can measure the quality of delivery & performance. Additionally if your message fails to deliver, we give you a detailed breakdown on why.

Auto-split long texts

No need to split your messages in your logic. We take care of it for both outbound and inbound messages. You also maintain the option to do it yourself!

2-way Unicode support

We support Unicode for both outbound and inbound messaging to make sure your message is delivered just as you intended, in the language of your choice.

Switch with SMPP support

Switch in seconds and get the full set of GSM capabilities so no matter how specialized your needs are, we can support them.

Brand your messages

Use your brand name to send messages around the world, wherever it’s supported.

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