Coverage for SMS

Using your SMS app, you can go international while giving all your users an experience that’s local.

Your Message Source

Create and send messages from a phone number, short code, or alpha sender ID.

Localized Phone Numbers

Directly gain local and mobile phone numbers that are SMS-capable.

Use Short Codes

Send and receive huge amounts of SMS in the US, Canada, and the UK through short codes.

Toll-Free Numbers

Send and receive SMS in the US and Canada using your existing toll-free number or a new FONE API number.

Unique Sender ID

Create & use a customized name as your sender ID instead of a phone number for your outbound messages in 150 countries.


Automatically pick the best source for your message through software intelligence to guarantee the best experience globally.

Covered Locations

Deliver messages to just about any mobile phone in the world.

International Delivery

We are connected to every mobile carrier worldwide so your SMS will always get to its destination.

How To Build The SMS API