Use Cases for Chat

In-app chat is the way to go to engage your customers.

In-App Chat Context

Incorporate messaging to any web or mobile app to allow users to chat in the context of your app without using another messaging app.

Buyer-Seller Engagements

Consumers, sellers, and agents can coordinate transactions through listings across online marketplaces & sharing communities.

Customer Support

Your sales and support team can now directly chat from your website or mobile app. You may also collect essential customer data from CRM & marketing systems so agents can deliver a more personalized service.

Collaborate with your team

Personalize your collaborations through business tools you already use. Send messages to your team in actual time or asynchronously, without opening another app.

Engage in Live Chat

Converse & connect to visitors live through your website or add embedded chat for your community online.

Connect with the Experts

Link data seekers to information experts. For example, financial advisors, personal trainers, & nurses can utilize chat to deliver quick access to data when needed.



Automated failover ensures that you have 99.95% uptime SLA without the need for a maintenance window.


Use existing apps to new markets by configuring features for compliance and localization.


Use a single platform for voice, SMS, video, authentication, chat and more.

Without hassles

Get free support, have the freedom to scale your business, market faster with pay-as-you-go.

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