Chat Features

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Vital Elements


Whether in one-on-one or group chat, you can easily add or remove participants for multi-party chats of various sizes.

Quality Messaging

Allow users to chat with ease instead of difficulty hearing each other throughout the call. Get real-time feedback with typing indicator & message read status.

Permissions & Roles

Assign roles or update access rights through programs so administrative control is restricted to the authorized person only.

Push Alerts

When new messages arrive, you can alert users through their app on iOS using APNS & Android using GCM.


Storage For Real-Time Information

Automatically save all message history in the cloud & access that history from any device worldwide.

Editing & Deleting Messages

Get updates for all messages instantly from every location whenever users edit or remove a message.

Chat Room History

Enable new users in a channel to view previous messages and join the discussion easily.

Chat Records

Deliver transcripts of past discussions by retrieving message history using programs.


Sync Locally

FONE API SDKs save messages locally and sends it whenever the device reconnects. Outbound messages are automatically sent when the device syncs in.

Send Offline

Even if users are offline, they can still receive inbound messages. FONE API stores the message in the cloud to be delivered to the appropriate user whenever they reconnect.

Sync Devices

Users can continue to read where they left off when they log in from another device. FONE API stores every user’s state, then automatically updates it.

Mark Your Progress

Determine who has viewed your messages and those who haven’t. Automatically get updates from progress markers to see how far the others have read in the channel.


Contextual Information

Boost chat using customizable SDKs enable you to securely integrate vital customer data in your existing apps & services for a smarter and a more personalized experience.


Link chat with other services such as Salesforce or chat apps like Slack and HipChat via REST APIs and webhooks.

App-To-Person Communication

Build just about anything from helper bots to chat ops in order to get users to interact with smart logic on your server.

Filter Keywords

Track whenever keywords or usernames are mentioned by sending a webhook to your server and modify the message before delivery or opt to trigger personalized workflows.

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