Programmable Conversation

Incorporate chat to any app with SDKs for web and mobile powered by the FONE API cloud.

Faster Process

Minimize development effort by quickly creating a mobile-friendly chat with FONE API's

Basic Chat Interface

SDKs and APIs specifically made for in-app chat allows you to create simple primitives including users and messages without having to start from scratch.

Auto sync

FONE API gives you an option to automatically synchronize read messages and keep a history across devices so you never have to worry about losing track of meaningful and intense conversations.

Cross-platform SDKs

Conveniently port one mobile application to various platforms and interact with end users on their favorite device. Compatible with web SDKs, native iOS, and Android.

Developer tools

Get started right away with debugging tools, API documentation, and support services.

More Efficient and Convenient

FONE API provides a flexible, worldwide cloud infrastructure with its high performance ensured by dedicated cloud operations and security engineering teams.

Precise data failover

FONE API stores and send copies of your data on redundant components for instant failover that keeps your messages continuously flowing.

Messaging Protection

Data is securely stored in FONE API Cloud and encrypted for end-to-end privacy that keeps your users safe and your business protected.

Group management

Develop your app securely as a team. Developers are assigned a unique, revocable API key instead of sharing credentials. User policy ensures limited access and everybody gets only what they need.

Flexible infrastructure

FONE API's cloud platform employs a horizontally scalable architecture that can support the growth of your app so that even when you start with a simple prototype, you can grow to any size.



Automated failover ensures that you have 99.95% uptime SLA without the need for a maintenance window.


Use existing apps to new markets by configuring features for compliance and localization.


Use a single platform for voice, SMS, video, authentication, chat and more.

Without hassles

Get free support, have the freedom to scale your business, market faster with pay-as-you-go.

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