Alerts Beta

Notify to synchronize alerts over SMS, push, messaging apps, and more with a user-centric API.

Multi-Channel Notifications

Introduce new channels with fewer attempts utilizing a single API.

Send International Text Messages

Take advantage of our global carrier reach for reliable SMS notifications all over the world. Your SMS will be delivered to local phone numbers, short codes, and sender IDs in over 150 countries.

Cross-device push notifications

You can send push notifications to iOS and Android devices through our unified API for Apple Push Notification service (APNs) and Google Cloud Messaging (GCM) services.

Messaging Apps

Notify more people through our integration with Facebook Messenger. You can reach more people by introducing your brand to the app that they use frequently. Support for other messaging apps is also as planned.

Greater than just messaging

We use feedback webhooks to track notification status which allows you to deliver content over voice calls or email when there are instances that messaging is not available.

Smart Arrangements

Alert’s intelligent system will automatically pick the right channels to create the best user experience.

Fan out

Send important and high priority alerts to all of the user's device at the same time with just a single API request.

Fallback automatically

You can manage and set up notifications to deliver via SMS in cases of network connectivity issues that prevents push delivery.

Preferred device

Notify people on their preferred device. Mark the user’s preferred device so you can communicate according to their preferences.

Try again

Task us to send messages again until delivery succeeds to ensure your important messages are received by your valued clients.

Bulk Notifications

Send several notifications all at once with just one API request. Send to a list of users or you can use segments and tags to select your desired audience.

By List

Simply create a list of identities to alert multiple users at once. You can register your clients’ phone numbers, device tokens, & other addresses.

By Segment

Attract the ideal users with just a single request. For instance, you can send messages to premium users or anyone who subscribed for sports news updates.

By Device

Allow users to register their specific devices on your list. Mark each opted-in device and use a single request to notify all of them.

By Preference

Notify multiple users on their preferred channel. FONE API remembers the user’s choice and instantly picks among different channels such as SMS, push notifications, or messaging apps.



Automated failover ensures that you have 99.95% uptime SLA without the need for a maintenance window.


Use existing apps to new markets by configuring features for compliance and localization.


Use a single platform for voice, SMS, video, authentication, chat and more.

Without hassles

Get free support, have the freedom to scale your business, market faster with pay-as-you-go.

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