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No need for bulky fax machines and no need for any software to download


Share and designate up to 6 people to receive notifications via email or SMS when faxes are sent & received.


Chat or call us directly for an expert technician to answer your inquiries on any challenges or issues you’re facing


Conveniently port your numbers for FREE to FONE API from your current provider


Save sent & received faxes online. You may choose to cancel anytime you want and will be reimbursed for services you’re not able to use


Faxing Features

Toll-free, local and vanity fax numbers

We supply either a local number or a toll-free number for faxing services while users get to have a dedicated faxing number upon establishing service. Selecting your toll-free or local faxing number can help your business keep the same professional or local presence associated with your phone lines.

Scheduled Delivery

Have peace of mind that your faxes are getting where they need to go on time with the ability to schedule a specific delivery time. Online faxing makes the international exchange of documents easy, while scheduled delivery ensures your message gets to the right place in the right time zone.

Electronic Signature

When using fax as the main method for exchanging legal & binding documents or contracts, it’s vital to have the function to digitally sign the form that you may have to send out or receive. Through the web-based GUI portals or even the smartphone mobile apps, users can digitally sign their name before the fax is sent to ensure the legality of the document.

Group Faxing

You have the power to send or receive multiple faxes at the same time with online faxing. Users can blast out a single fax to as many recipients as possible in one move with group faxing. Our intuitive portals & apps enable group faxing which is simple and generally won’t cost you anything extra.

Send Fax Internationally

If you don’t have a dedicated phone line to handle and your data does not transfer through the PSTN, there are no extra costs or stress associated with international faxing – similar to an email, you can send anything anywhere.

Number Blocks

Receiving spam is such a hassle and keeping the clutter out of your email inbox can be quite a challenge. Having all your faxes in your email inbox can get you overwhelmed easily. Here’s the good news - we offer a number blocking feature that enables you to create a white list of allowed numbers or a black list of numbers you want to block in order to cut down on the unwanted faxes that you might get. Goodbye clutter, goodbye spam!


For extra security, we offer an outgoing & incoming fax encryption such as an SSL-secured web communications with GUI portals to satisfy every level of protection at every step of the process. Your private data can be uploaded onto the web portal & still remain secured until it can be encrypted for the faxing process. Encrypting incoming faxes also ensures that anything you receive cannot be read by unwanted eyes.

Mobile Fax Alerts

Receive fax alerts directly on your mobile device for incoming faxes and verification of received faxes through text. The TCP/IP protocol where you transmit your fax data enables verification that the recipient did receive the fax.

Personalized Cover Pages

Faxing a sensitive or complex document may require a cover sheet prior to the document itself. To do this, you may include a message directly within the email and attach the file – the service then converts your message into a cover page, and your attached file into a faxed document. You may also access this feature through mobile apps, desktop apps, and web-based GUI portals.


No additional Hardware or software Needed

Without a fax machine, there will be less need for maintenance and repairs, less clutter around the office, and even greater mobility for your workers.

Increased Mobility

If your employees are traveling/on the go or working from home, they no longer need to track down a working fax machine just to send or receive a single document. Online faxing allows users to send and receive more than one document at a time, and even send a document to multiple recipients.

Added Confidentiality

Faxes are used mainly for legal documents, in which confidentiality can be the highest priority for users. With everyone delegated to their own private email, it’s much easier to ensure your files are seen only by your eyes.

Lesser Phone cost

Without a phone line to send faxes with, it’s a no-brainer that your phone costs will go down. We offer a subscription-based program to allow unlimited faxes to be sent and received at one monthly cost. No need to worry about being charged per fax - the only cost you need to consider is your standard internet subscription.

Fax Simultaneously

Send or receive as many faxes as you need at the same time, and each one will turn up as its own individual email to keep everything neat and organized. Less time spent sending fax means more time spent being productive.


Online faxing fully integrates into a preferred email address to keep things private, organized, and paperless. No need to track down a fax machine, as every fax you receive will find its way directly into your email inbox. Sending faxes can be done directly through email as well - just send an email with the recipient’s phone number and supplied domain name in the address line.

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