Implement effective email campaigns that best suit your business’ needs in order to drive success for your marketing efforts.
Easily create, send and measure the impact of your email marketing campaigns with FONE API today

Send the Right Message at the Right Time to the Right Person

The platform that’s designed to help you attract, capture, nurture and convert your prospects into customers and your existing customers to brand advocates. From attracting and gaining new leads all the way to transforming consumers into your biggest supporters, we help you at every step of the way.

Our Email Software Offers

Drag and drop email builder (no HTML knowledge required)

A/B testing

Automated email nurturing campaigns through triggers/rules

Behavior-based segmentation tools

Personalization and dynamic content

We offer a solid set of marketing automation solutions to help increase your campaign productivity & effectiveness. Our software delivers automated, one-to-one messages across all your marketing channels and based on your customer’s preferences.

Design Amazing Campaigns

Email Features

Contact Management

  • Import Contact Files

  • Custom Contact Fields

  • Search & Segment Contacts

  • Custom Unsubscribe Forms

Create Campaigns

  • Responsive Email Design

  • HTML Editor

  • Image Hosting

  • Social Sharing

  • Dynamic Personalization

Send Emails

  • Spam Check & Inbox Testing

  • Text Messaging/SMS

  • Dedicated IP Address

Campaign Offers That Are Easily Trackable

  • Comprehensive Campaign Reports

  • Export Report Data

  • Open & Click-Through Reports

Transactional Emails


  • Transactional Email Template

  • Real-Time Metrics


  • APIs

  • PrestaShop Plugin

  • Wordpress Plugin

  • Magento Plugin

  • Drupal Plugin

  • Custom Subscription Forms


  • Marketing Automation

  • Import Sales Orders

  • Track Custom Indicators/KPIs

  • Trigger Marketing

Amazing Support

  • Do you need further information?

  • Talk to our experts

  • Connect With Us


Campaign Builder

  • Send personalized communications to every contact automatically

  • Trigger emails, calls, and other actions based on contact behaviors. Build landing pages, emails, and more

  • Modify your campaigns based on what works best

  • Use ready-made campaign templates

CRM Integration

  • See all contact communication history in one place—single emails, broadcasts, automated marketing messages, and sales activity

  • Use autoresponders to send a series of seamlessly personalized emails

  • Keep your communication relevant by updating your database today for tomorrow's automated email to your customer

Landing Page Builder

  • Create professional, branded landing pages for different campaigns or promotions

  • Quickly make changes without a developer

  • Test pages against each other within your application

  • Publish your page instantly with free hosting or embed the page code on your site

  • Leverage SEO to increase your online visibility

Website Tracking

  • See which visitors, contacts, & customers visited a particular page

  • Calculate how many customers your latest online efforts generated

  • Track visitor activity from their first visit to latest purchase

  • Identify individual browsing trends using visitor system information

  • Capture & calculate average time on page per visitor

Stats & Reports

  • Determine the number of emails that get delivered, opened, clicked, skipped, etc.

  • Evaluate web form, landing page, and campaign performance and ROI

  • View campaign results in real time and make adjustments on the fly

  • Refine your marketing efforts to maximize every dollar spent

Create, send and receive emails effectively!